Visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore

People observing fish in an aquarium tank.

Baltimore, the birthplace of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” is known for its Civil War-era attractions and Americana feels. Once you’ve indulged in the history of the nation, check out the National Aquarium.

Only eight minutes from our apartments in Baltimore, this may become one of your favorite spots in the city.

About the Aquarium

The National Aquarium, located in the Inner Harbor, was opened in 1981. Designated as a “national aquarium” by the U.S. Congress, it’s one of the top three aquariums in the country. It prides itself on educating the public about the care and conservation of our world’s oceans and aquatic life.

Throughout five levels, encounter various ecosystems and exhibits, such as Blacktip Reef, Living Seashore, and Jellies Invasion! The current Spotlight Exhibit is the Amazon River Forest, which portrays the waterway, seasonal flooding, and interesting inhabitants.

The Animals

Speaking of the aquarium’s full-time residents, check out the aquarium’s website for an all-inclusive list of animals that call the aquarium home. If you prefer to wing it, see how many you can identify on your visit! Amphibians, birds, bony fish, cartilaginous fish, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles are on display so you can observe them in a natural setting.


In addition to general admission, the National Aquarium also offers private or group tours. Ticket prices range for children, adults, and seniors, and general admission allows access to all exhibits and daily presentations. With a rotating schedule, you can experience tours such as Reef Behind-the-Scenes, Sharks, and more. You can even participate in the Aquarium Sleepover or the Aquarium Guest Diver Program for some hands-on fun!

The National Aquarium is just one of the exciting destinations near our Fells Point apartments. For more information about this amazing location and others like it, contact us at The Eden!

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