Visit Historic Landmarks on a Segway Tour of Baltimore

Three people riding Segways on a tour of Baltimore

If you’re new to the neighborhood, take a Segway tour of Baltimore for a fun way to get out and explore the city. Fortunately, Segs in the City offers fun guided adventures you won’t want to miss. Here are some of the attractions near our Fells Points apartments that you can visit on a Segway:

Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse

Found east of the Inner Harbor, the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse dates back to 1856. Today, it’s one of the oldest Chesapeake lighthouses still standing, but it’s no longer in use. Due to Seven Foot Knoll’s isolated location, its keepers found that life inside the lighthouse was too hard, and operations ceased in 1948.

Phoenix Shot Tower

Constructed in 1828, the Phoenix Shot Tower was the country’s tallest building for 18 years. It stands just over 200 feet tall and features over one million bricks. Until the early 1890s, workers produced millions of pounds of “drop” shot (used in small game hunting) every year. In 1924, several local residents purchased the tower and donated it to the city for preservation. Today, Phoenix Shot is listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks.

USS Constellation

The only surviving ship of the Civil War era, the USS Constellation is now a National Historic Landmark. It was the last sail-only warship designed and built by the U.S. Navy. The USS Constellation was decommissioned in 1955. The ship saw much action, including tours of the coast of Africa.

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House

While you won’t be able to step inside the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, you can roll past it on your Segway. This historic spot is where Mary Pickersgill and her family created two flags for Fort McHenry. The larger flag inspired Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics of what would become the U.S. national anthem.

After working up an appetite on your Segway tour of Baltimore, enjoy some barbecue at one of these great local restaurants. You can sample ribs, pulled chicken, and more. For more information about The Eden, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour, so you can discover firsthand all that our luxury apartments in Baltimore have to offer.

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