Virtually Explore the Museum of Industry

The Baltimore Museum of Industry

Residents of The Eden are proud of Baltimore’s rich industrial history. If you want to learn more about the city’s fascinating origins, the Baltimore Museum of Industry has you covered. Best of all, thanks to new virtual programs, you can now explore the museum without ever leaving our Fells Point apartments.

Virtual Tours for Adults

The Baltimore Museum of Industry now offers tours geared specifically towards adults. These virtual tours offer people the opportunity to learn about the workers, working conditions, and evolution of industry in Baltimore. The tours focus on how the people who worked in the factories and docks built not only the businesses they worked in, but also the city of Baltimore itself. To schedule a special tour with the Education Coordinator, send an email to or call 410-727-4808 ext. 117.

History Lectures

The Baltimore Museum of Industry also offers a series of 60-minute Zoom lectures led by Senior Museum Educator, Jack Burkert. In these talks, guests learn about the history of industrialization as it relates to Baltimore’s individual development. To attend a virtual lecture, reservations are required. You can reserve a spot by emailing or calling the museum.

Virtual Walk-Through Exhibits

Fortunately, the museum doesn’t stop at virtual tours and lectures. In fact, it also offers virtual walk-through exhibits. These allow visitors to enjoy all of the museum’s displays, including past exhibits and traveling ones, from the comfort of home. Visitors especially love the programs on the first passenger railway, the oldest gas company, and female steel mill workers.

Now that you’ve read all about the Baltimore Museum of Industry, it’s time to explore it for yourself. Whenever you’re ready to take a trip to the past, settle into your apartment with some delicious local food, and start exploring. To learn more about our luxury apartments in Baltimore, contact The Eden today.

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