Shop Local with Curbside Service in Baltimore

Woman shopping local at a Baltimore bookstore

Supporting local businesses is more important than ever, and luckily, there are great ways to support all your favorite stores. Residents of our Fells Point apartments, The Eden, can check out these small and independent businesses offering curbside services in Baltimore.

Atomic Books

The city’s most beloved bookshop and bar fusion, Atomic Books, is currently open for business. If you’re on the hunt for your next favorite read, their selection of page-turners is a go-to source. You can even get a delicious drink to go along with your read! The attached bar is still offering your choice of craft beer, wine, cider, mead, and more. Along with curbside pickup, delivery is available nationwide and free to those within three miles of the store. Shop their online selection to have your most relaxing night in yet.

Hex Ferments

Hex Ferments uses fresh ingredients to create delicious fermented foods. With products like kimchi, kombucha tea, and sauerkraut, as well as rotating local goods, their selection is sure to have something for every palate. Incorporate their goods into your meals for another layer of flavor. The addition of fermented ingredients into your basic meals can create an exciting new recipe. Local pickup and delivery services are available, as well as booth shopping at operating farmer’s markets. They are also distributed at select Whole Foods. Try a new fermented good and expand your tastes today.  


For fans of the antique, gothic, or just plain strange, Bazaar is the site to see. Their curious collection houses hundreds of oddities. To spice up your home, shop their selection of candles, trinkets, antique photographs, jewelry, planters, and preserved specimens. Local delivery and online orders are available, as well as national shipping. If you’re looking to become a curator of the peculiar, or just want a unique decoration for your home, Bazaar has what you need.  

You can shop local with curbside service in Baltimore. For more to do, check out our other at-home recommendations, and contact us today if you’re interested in joining our apartments in Baltimore.

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