Shop for Vinyl at These Hip Baltimore Record Stores

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Baltimore is a music-loving city. One thing that supports this observation is the sheer number of great record stores in the area, especially in and around The Eden apartments in Fells Point. Whether you’re new to collecting records and want to learn the ropes or a seasoned collector in search of a rare find, Baltimore has the right record store for your needs. Here are a few of our favorite places to hunt for vinyl in Baltimore:

The Sound Garden

Located just a 7-minute walk from The Eden, The Sound Garden has been a Fells Point staple for 25 years. They regularly host in-store events (past performers have included Major Lazer, Ludacris, and Motorhead) and can also help you pre-order any new vinyl that might be coming out. And if you’re looking to make your record collection work for you, this is also the best place to buy DJ equipment. 

El Suprimo Records

Also just a short walk from The Eden, El Suprimo Records is considered the premier place to buy new and used vinyl in Baltimore. Their spacious location allows them to keep a massive and incredibly varied array of records in stock, not to mention a wide selection of 45’s, 78’s, cassettes, 8-tracks, books, turntables, stereo equipment, and more! This should definitely be your first stop if you’re new to collecting records.

Baby’s On Fire

Named for a beloved Brian Eno song, Baby’s On Fire is unique because it is not only a record store but also a cafe with delicious pastries, paninis, coffee, and other treats. Located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood, this is a great place to shop with friends because it is more like a shared community space than a record store proper. You’ll also love their special events like DJ nights and music documentary screenings.

Once you have your hands on that perfect new record, you’ll be thrilled to spin it in your hip apartment at The Eden. And if you want to learn more about why this vibrant Fells Point apartment community might be perfect for you, contact us today to set up a tour!

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