Shop for Hats at These Baltimore Stores

woman trying on things at hat store in Baltimore

Whether you want to spruce up an outfit or hide a bad hair day, local hat shops have you covered. They offer a selection for men and women, with styles ranging from classic to contemporary. The hat stores near our Harbor East Baltimore apartments include:

Hats in the Belfry

A local fixture for over 42 years, Hats in the Belfry offers fashionable hats for everyone. The collection features styles by the shop’s own designers and talented hat makers from around the world. They’re sure to enhance any outfit, whether you’re looking for something classic or more edgy. Styles include fedora, big brim, and newsboy caps. Visit the Fells Point store or order online for convenient shipping.

Main Street Hats

Believe it or not, Clyde decided to become a hat salesman while on vacation. He had always been passionate about this clothing accessory and liked the styles seen in old family photos and vintage movies. Today, Clyde proudly owns Main Street Hats. He’ll help you find the perfect style. What’s more, every purchase is seamless from start to finish. Styles include Biltmore, Dobbs, and Scala. For measurements and a consultation, you can easily book an appointment online.

Katwalk Boutique

Catering to women, the Katwalk Boutique offers hats, dresses, and other pieces so that you can put together a complete outfit. The team stays current on the latest trends. They offer an ever-changing selection, so each visit always brings something new to discover. Hat styles include sun, floppy, and fedora. For some great deals, remember to join the Katwalk Kutie Club. Perks include free gift wrapping, invitations to special events, and more.

From hat shops to greeting card stores, The Eden is near a range of shopping destinations in Baltimore. When you’re searching for a place to call home, please contact us. We will gladly show you everything our apartments in Baltimore, MD, have to offer.

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