Enjoy a Night out on Baltimore’s Charles Street

Two women laughing and talking while holding their drinks at a bar.

Are you looking for a fun night out in Baltimore? Charles Street has you covered! Just a short drive from our Fells Point apartments, Charles Street is nestled in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. From bars to delicious food and craft beers on tap, the food and drinks are unmatched!  Must-visit destinations include: Banditos Bar & Kitchen: […]

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Experience Wildlife at the Maryland Zoo

Giraffes and zebras eating grass at a zoo.

Let’s face it, everyone loves the zoo, and residents of our apartments in Baltimore are just a 15-minute drive from the Maryland Zoo! With their wide array of animals and events, there’s always something new and exciting to see. Whether it be new exhibits, baby animals, or educational chats with the zookeepers, The Maryland Zoo […]

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Hit the Mark at Archery Ranges in Baltimore

Three people practicing archery at an outdoor archery range.

Did you know archery dates back to around 10,000 BC? It’s one of the oldest sports still in practice and enjoyed by millions around the world. When you’re ready to give it a try, head to one of these archery ranges near our Fells Point apartments: Macrotech Archery  Serving archers for over 20 years, Macrotech […]

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Visit Maryland’s Glenn L. Miller Aviation Museum

A propellar plane flying in the sky.

Just 22 minutes from our Fells Point Apartments, the Glenn L. Miller Maryland Aviation Museum is a unique destination that tells the story of Maryland’s rich aviation and aerospace history. Welcoming visitors since 1990, some of its highlights include: Who was Glenn Miller? Born in Iowa in 1866, Glenn made his pioneer flight 23 years […]

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3 Baltimore Restaurants Serving Dinner and a Show

Knights fighting on the stage of a dinner theater while the audience watches.

Did you know dinner theaters evolved from 1940s supper clubs? Today, the shows are appealing to the general audience, and the actors typically interact with the crowd. Visit one of these dinner theaters near our Fells Point apartments for an evening of food and fun. Nearby dinner theaters include: The Dinner Detective: 9-minute drive Step […]

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Delicious Barbecue Joints in Baltimore, MD

A person grilling sausage and other meat on a grill.

Around Baltimore, you’ll find several barbecue restaurants near our Fells Point apartments that are worth a visit. You never know, one of these restaurants could become a member of the go-to restaurants on your list. Nearby barbecue restaurants include: BLUE PIT BBQ Under 5 miles from our community, Blue Pit BBQ is named after the […]

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