3 Baltimore Restaurants with the Best Seafood

Fresh raw oysters with lemons on ice in a metal tray | seafood in Baltimore

Fells Point is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. This historic community is home to lots of incredible restaurants, including three eateries with the best seafood in Baltimore. Fortunately, they’re all just minutes from The Eden. Read on to learn about some of the top seafood restaurants near our Fells Point apartments:

1. Ampersea

A newer addition to the Baltimore seafood scene, Ampersea puts a modern spin on classic Maryland cuisine. The chefs work with nearby farmers, brewers, and winemakers to bring local, seasonal ingredients to their kitchen. Ampersea also works to help the Baltimore community. For example, the restaurant collaborates with Living Classrooms Greenhouse to give at-risk youth the opportunity to grow produce. Then, Ampersea uses this fresh produce in their dishes.

2. Sal and Son’s Seafood Market

Located inside the Broadway Market, Sal and Son’s is one of Baltimore’s most famous seafood spots. In fact, this local market has been in operation for over a decade. Whether you’re in the mood for shrimp or shellfish, Sal’s has something for everyone. In terms of atmosphere, you won’t find any frills or gimmicks here. Instead, you’ll simply find some of the freshest-caught and finest-prepared seafood in Fells Point.

3. Thames Street Oyster House

Thames Street Oyster House is located right on the waterfront inside of a beautiful building with lots of history. Indeed, you’ll love the dazzling views at this upscale restaurant, but you’ll enjoy the food even more. Locals and tourists alike praise Thames Street’s mid-Atlantic cuisine. You can choose from at least ten different kinds of oysters, as well as a selection of artisanal cocktails. Best of all, Thames Street is dedicated to environmental sustainability, so the chefs source most of their produce from local farms.

With so many great options, eating the best seafood in Baltimore has never been more convenient. It’s also easy to find delicious cocktails. If you want to try some of our favorites, check out these fun speakeasies. To learn more about The Eden, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour of our apartments in Baltimore, so you can see firsthand all that our community has to offer.

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