Dine Out at Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore

A plate of dumplings and soy sauce | Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore

Less than ten minutes from our Fells Point apartments, Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore is the city’s finest foodie destination. It offers a fun, modern setting, and proudly supports local creators. Read on to explore our favorite Mount Vernon Marketplace eateries:

Pinch Dumplings

At Pinch Dumplings, the chefs cook up traditional Chinese dumplings. Using only fresh, local ingredients, they knead their own dough to create tasty, handmade treats. In terms of culinary influences, Pinch borrows inspiration from 50-year-old dumpling recipes. Popular filling choices include pork with carrots, spinach with eggs, and chicken with dill.

Cheezy Mike’s Food Emporium

When local DJ Mike Jointz decided to recreate the vibe of a backyard cookout, he opened Cheezy Mike’s Food Emporium. He offers upscale comfort food favorites with a focus on cheese. For dinner, order the shroom grilled cheese sandwich. It features marinated Portobello mushrooms and fontina cheese on thick marble rye. Enjoy it with the summer peach salad and a “sounds of Baltimore” cocktail.

Fresh Monday’s

At Fresh Monday’s, you can “eat and sip healthy.” Owner Deanne Rapanakis sources the finest ingredients and turns them into delicious smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Popular flavors include “apple lush,” “cucumber king,” and “the spice of life.” You’ll also find a salad bar, as well as jars of locally sourced jam.

Brown Rice

Brown Rice is where Chef Heather creates some of the tastiest bibimbap in town. One of the most popular Korean dishes, bibimbap features warm rice or kale topped with protein and seasoned vegetables. Create your own bowl with ingredients like chicken, grilled carrots, and sesame soy sauce. Be sure to also try an order of spring rolls on the side.

Now that you’ve read all about Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore, it’s time to check it out for yourself. After you chow down on some excellent food, pick up your pup and head to one of the city’s best dog-friendly parks to play. For more information about The Eden, please contact us. We would love to take you on a tour of our spacious apartments in Baltimore, so you can discover firsthand all we have to offer.

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