Order the Best Hot Dogs in Baltimore For Delivery

A hot dog with mustard - best hot dogs in Baltimore

While hot dogs may have started out as street food, they have since come a long way. In fact, these days, some restaurants even serve gourmet-style hot dogs. Next time you’re in the mood a frank, you can order the best hot dogs in Baltimore for delivery. These three restaurants all deliver straight to our Fells Point apartments.

G&A Restaurant

Baltimore’s hot dog lovers have been flocking to G&A Restaurant for almost 100 years. While this iconic business is now run by the grandson of the original owner, the restaurant is still known for freshness and high quality with every dish made from scratch. Enjoy a classic “G&A Coney Island hot dog” with mustard, onions, cheese, and plenty of flavorful chili. You can order quick and easy delivery through Yelp.

Killa Dogz

Killa Dogz is owned by a husband and wife team that serves some of the best hot dogs in town. They offer beef, veggie, Polish, and Italian dogs. Once you select your base, you can add creative toppings. Try one of their decadent flavor combinations, like the “pigster hot dog.” They top this gourmet favorite with pulled pork, bacon, and mustard. For delivery, place an order through DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Yelp.


If you’re thinking that Stuggy’s sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard of this restaurant before. Indeed, Stuggy’s “crab mac and cheese hot dog” became a viral sensation on social media, and it remains one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. Stuggy’s is also home to the epic “Bob Marley hot dog,” served with jerk chicken (smoked in-house), mango mayo, and grilled jalapeños. When you’re ready to place an order for delivery, visit DoorDash or Yelp.

Whether you’re craving the best hot dogs in Baltimore, or are in the mood for some fried chicken, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about The Eden,  contact us. We would love to take you on a virtual tour of our luxury apartments in Baltimore.

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