Order Ribs From Barbecue Restaurants in Baltimore

A plate of barbecue ribs, brisket, and chicken from a restaurant in Baltimore

There is something special about finger-licking good ribs. These Baltimore barbecue restaurants take ribs to a whole new level of deliciousness. Even better, all of these restaurants offer great curbside pickup or delivery options near our apartments in Baltimore. Our favorite nearby options for takeout ribs include:


Woodrow’s Bar-B-Que serves authentic Texas-style barbecue thanks to a special smoker that uses only the best white oak wood. They feature an extensive menu of meats to choose from. However, their ribs are always a crowd favorite. Their ribs are dry-rubbed and smoked until they are about to fall off the bone. In addition, Woodrow’s Bar-B-Que offers quick and easy curbside service. 


Chaps Pit Beef cooks barbecue nationally recognized for its excellence. Their menu includes beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and of course, ribs. Chaps Pit Beef offers three sizes of mouth-watering ribs with great takeout service. You’ll be home devouring your ribs before you know it!


Blue Pit BBQ smokes their meat low and slow, and everything they make is made fresh every day. Named after the barbecue pit and the owner’s Pit Bull, they make everything from scratch. They offer a large menu with everything a barbecue lover could want. However, they are most known for their ribs. Their ribs are finger-licking-good, made fresh to order with their unique and special sauce. Even better, Blue Pit BBQ provides great curbside pickup and delivery options.

Along with these barbecue ribs, our Baltimore neighborhood places you within minutes of great takeout lasagna and other authentic dishes. For more information, about our Fells Point apartments, contact us today.

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